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We will assist and help you all the way in how to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona.


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If you do not have medical records from the last 12 months and you have a pain or muscle spasm diagnosis, you can schedule a Pre-Certification visit to get those prepared, and then schedule a Certification visit following that.

Certification: In this visit, the doctor reviews medical records, does an exam, and prepares the documents required for your State application. Completion of the State Application is usually included in the fee. 

The cost of the certification visit will vary based on whether you qualify for Senior, Veteran, Fixed Income, Disability, or Food Stamp (SNAP), but are usually $100.00 to $150.00

Pre-Certification: If you have not seen a doctor in the last 12 months or cannot get medical records, Pre-Certification is necessary to prepare the records required for your Medical Marijuana Certification Visit. You must have obvious physical scars or lesions, or records older than 12 months, and must also schedule a Certification Visit, either before or after your Pre-Certification Visit, to complete your application. There is an additional $50.00 Charge for this service.

Please use your Legal Name, as it appears on your ID for these forms!