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Arizona’s Premier Medical
Marijuana Certification Center

Why Choose MMjCCC?

We are discrete.

Most certification centers have a big marijuana leaf on their door. At MMjCCC you go to a medical clinic without a Medical Marijuana sign.

We don’t require cash and allow a single payment.

Most certification centers ask for cash for the certification fees and use your card to process your application. At MMjCCC we allow you to make one credit card payment and we handle the rest.

We bill discreetly.

Our invoices and charges have medical terminology, not cannabis terminology.

We hand hold you through the process.

From registering for the DHS portal to submission of the application, we help you the whole way. We submit the application for you and make it a quick and easy process. Our receptionists strive to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

We will print and mail your card upon request.

We offer a professional and friendly environment in order to best aid you in your pursuit for medical marijuana.

We are experts at getting you certified.

Lately, our patients have been receiving their card the day after it is submitted.

We have certification doctors throughout the state.

You can experience our quality experience wherever you live in Arizona. You can often get same day appointments in any of our 13 convenient locations.

We help you with your records.

We have an online records release form that, once completed, will be sent to your doctor’s office to obtain adequate records for certification.


If our doctor doesn’t certify you, we don’t charge you. The doctor is a gatekeeper for the Arizona State Medical Marijuana program, and we have never had a known case where a patient has not received a card after our doctor qualified them.


We always offer discounts to Seniors, Veterans, people with Fixed Income, Disability, or Food Stamps. We know that times are tough and do our best to keep our process efficient and our pricing rock bottom. We will also match any competitor’s advertised price. Aside from the cost of the visit and the state application fee, there are no hidden prices or fees. So just imagine walking into our discreet medical office, visiting with our kind and knowledgeable doctor, resting assured that you will either be qualified to receive your card, or you will not be charged a penny!

Referral Program

Every patient you refer to us, who completes their certification, will get you a $20 discount off your next re-certification with us. If you refer FIVE people, then your next visit is ON US!

Proven Safe

Medical marijuana is one of the safest medications available. Period. There has not been a single death recorded from an overdose of cannabis. If our doctor does not believe it is a good idea for you medically, they will tell you. Most of the few significant negative events with cannabis involve untreated or latent schizophrenia. Chronic use of cannabis causes no organ damage, and it has been shown that, in adults, the cognitive effects sometimes associated with chronic cannabis use dissipate when cannabis intake is discontinued. This is in contrast to even acetaminophen, which causes thousands of hospitalizations and kills hundreds of Americans every year. (Statistics)

So just imagine walking into our discreet medical office, visiting with our kind and knowledgeable doctor, resting assured that you will either be qualified to receive your card, or you will not be charged a penny. And with your card you will be able to reduce your use of addictive and harmful medications and get relief.


Other centers do not require proof of a medical condition, do not try to get medical records, and have patients see two doctors – one after the other, which is against the Medical Board’s requirements. This endangers patients, and doctors have lost their licenses. We follow the rules and protect you in every way we can.


We have a simple, streamlined process that gets you in and out in 30 minutes. We submit all paperwork to the state for you for a nominal charge. After the visit, all you have to do is wait for the card from the Department of Health Services. We keep you informed at all times and guarantee the certification in a timely manner.

New AZDHS Process

The AZDHS certification process is now requiring that you register on their website, and the certification process now happens from within your AZDHS account. This is new, and there are still glitches on their website.

The certification process is still difficult and lengthy, and we are adapting to this to make the process easier and smoother for you. These are the steps we typically take, but these steps are optional, and you are more than welcome to complete these yourself. However we recommend you let us do this to prevent unnecessary delays and rejections.

  1. You create the login with the AZDHS with your email
  2. You give us the logins, and we complete the form and upload all the documents for you.
  3. We will not keep a copy of your logins, but you can then log in and change the password.

Please let us know if you would like us to handle the documentation process for you.


The MMjCCC team.

Sign this petition to allow telemedicine for Medical Marijuana Certifications during the COVID Crisis.


Discreet Locations

We always seek to be protective of your reputation. The office you walk into doesn’t have MARIJUANA written all over it. There is no GIANT MARIJUANA LEAF all over the door. You walk into a medical office and visit with a doctor. Our Receipts and Records Request forms come from a Doctor’s Office, NOT from a Medical Marijuana Office (AND our receipt is a valid medical expense for tax purposes.) It is your decision whether your doctor or the neighbors know anything about your business. We maintain the full confidentiality required by law. Other than submitting your application, we never report or submit ANYTHING to any agency. We are the most discreet Arizona Medical Marijuana Card services you can find.

What Clients Say

“Like a lot of patients, I was probably a little hesitant to go through the marijuana card certification process, not even certain it would help me in the end. In short, it looked like a big hassle. From my very first inquiry phone call with this office, they couldn’t have been more helpful…or professional. It took a bit of effort to gather up my doctors’ diagnoses of my back condition and return them to this office for certification, but the actual staff, including the doctors at MMCCC, guided me through the process. The doctor explained the process completely, including the various options and potential benefits if it worked. Can’t say enough good things about them. As for my back pain, I’ve finally found some real relief after over 20 years of living with it.”

Jim Gaertner

“I highly recommend this specific office due to the professionalism and the fact that it wasn’t obvious what I was there for. MMJCCC always kept me informed on the process and answered every question I had. They legitimately care about your pain and make the whole certification process easy and fast, I got my card within a week of approval and it has greatly helped my pain! Definitely reach out to them for your MMJ card.”

MJ Sanchez

“My doctor was very nice and understanding. I brought my paperwork and the process was fairly quick. I had no problem with anything, they walked me step by step and fixed any problem I had. I would absolutely recommend this place.”

Hashley Dabz

“Great overall experience. Wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the entire staff makes you feel at ease. Appt was quick and I was in and out in about 45 mins. I would recommend this place to anyone!”

Doug Williams

“They had some really nice offices and I didn’t even have to wait at all. It was a pleasant experience and I liked how we where able to get things done quickly without much fuzz. Everyone was really nice and professional about the whole thing and I was happy to get my card renewed.”


Every one was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Everything in their literature was spot on and accurate. I would not have been able or willing to do this on my own. Sometimes older folks need a little help too. I got mine respectfully and professionally. I don’t write reviews, ever, but I was glad to write this one. 5 stars! Absolutely. (They kept my anonymity something I fear a Yelp review would not do, so this probably will not post, there sorry.)


Mmj came out just in time to save my life. Thank you and when it’s time to renew I will be there.

Sue Cameron

“I must tell you the doctor that came to my house, Dr.Taylor, was the most wonderful Doctor I have ever met, very nice and polite, explained everything in a way I could understand, even told me where the nearest dispensary was in Sun City. I was very happy that you people have such a nice Doctor on your staff. Thank you!”